Von Cotu creates a pyro chemographic image

Multimedia artist Von Cotu uses fire and chemicals to paint on large-format photographic film and other media - this proprietary process is called Pyro Chemography.

Some of the resulting images suggest alien galaxies viewed through the Hubble Space Telescope, sub-oceanic scenes or microscopic details of an inner world previously unknown to us.

The explorations into this pyro chemographic technique are on a path of their own and may well have extended the vocabulary of 21st century art creation.


Von Cotu at an exhibition

"Pyro Chemography reveals a hidden truth that surrounds us on a daily basis, exposing patterns and textures that recur in everything when observed closely.

My images represent the gigantic and minuscule aspects of the Universe we live in, and I feel privileged to merely show what is already there. The outcome of every image is somewhat unpredictable and depends mostly on the physical aspects such as temperature, chemicals and materials used at the time. The creative vision and intent forms before or during the process.

I invite you to open your mind and be prepared to experience some very unusual and unique images created with fire and chemicals."

-- Von Cotu


Born in 1968 in Vienna, Austria, Von Cotu showed interest from an early age in auditory and visual arts & design. A naturally curious mind has led to the creation of original musical compositions and patented inventions ever since. Von left Vienna in 1988 to Los Angeles and pursue art in the music industry, writing and recording pop and orchestral music.

In 1994, Cotu relocated to Santa Fe, where his art took on new directions, resulting in the discovery of Pyro Chemography -- a unique art creation process where he paints with fire and chemicals on photographic film and other media.

Cotu's Pyro Chemographic works have appeared in exhibits, music videos, live performances, on CD covers and in private collections.

CD cover of Parallel Universe by Tim Reynolds